C4 – C6

C4’s – Our four summer carp are very popular and are a selection of our best C3’s we have kept to grow on for another year. They average around 10lbs and range from 7-12lbs, fish of this age settle quickly into a new fishery soon after stocking. This results in very good growth from the off and if the conditions are correct 5lb growth in the first summer is not uncommon with our fish.

C5’s – As we get into our five summer carp onwards we really are looking at the cream of the crop. Carp of this size and larger have been selected each year for body shape, scale pattern and potential for huge growth. These fish will grow very well after stocking with the majority approaching 20lbs after the first summer. They will quickly make a big impact in any specimen carp fishery.

C6’s – Our six summer fish are very special carp indeed. They represent the very best we have to offer in both potential and immediate impact. These fish will blend into any big carp water to complement existing stock or help to create a first class new carp fishery. Either way they represent a sound investment for the future and will bring many happy moments to anglers for years to come