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Leney / Dinkelsbuehl

We produce a Leney / Dinkelsbuehl cross that results in offspring possessing some key genetic traits that include fast growth, longevity, hardiness and a variety of scale patterns. We select the best individual fish demonstrating these characteristics from early year classes to grow on to specimen sizes.

This means that when you purchase carp from Deben Valley Fisheries you can rest assured you are getting one of the finest products available in the UK. In the correct environment our carp are capable of reaching weights of well over 40lbs with fish of the same strain having grown to over 50lbs.

While on our farm the fish live in a perfect stress free environment, they are fed a mixture of coarse and trout pellets supplemented with a variety of grains which means they receive all of the vital nutrients for good health.

Samples of our fish are submitted for a health check twice per year which examines them for any diseases. This mean all of our fish are guaranteed disease free and can be supplied with a copy of the health certificate on request.

We only supply farmed fish of a known age and source. We do not supply fish harvested from other fisheries ensuring you get a quality product in perfect condition that will perform very well in the correct environment.

We can also supply a wide variety of coarse fish to suit your needs. Please get in touch for more info…