Fish Farm

The Very Best Service

We provide the utmost care when handling & transporting our fish

The ponds on our farm are all fenced with heavy duty otter fencing and covered over to deter avian predators such as cormorants. Providing this safe environment for our fish is crucial, in eliminates stress and results in the carp performing to their maximum potential.

The water quality in our ponds is regularly monitored throughout the year ensuring parameters such as oxygen, ammonia and nitrites all stay within the optimum levels required for growing carp. This is helped with a plentiful supply of fresh spring water running through each pond which increases oxygen levels and flushes away waste.

Each of the ponds is stocked at low levels which ensure plenty of space for our carp to grow and so produces the fine quality fish that we pride ourselves in supplying. We do not farm fish under intensive conditions preferring to produce low numbers of the best quality fish you are likely to find in the UK.

We are able to drain each pond on our farm which enables easy harvesting and effective management throughout the year such as liming and fertilising. By doing this we are able to maximise the productivity and get the maximum growth of the carp on our farm.

When harvesting our carp we take the utmost care when handling and transporting each fish so that they arrive to our customer in the finest condition. We do not keep fish in holding tanks for long periods of time which means they will have been harvested just a couple of days before they reach you. This keeps stress to a minimum and ensures the fish settle in well soon after stocking.

All of our carp are delivered on our 4×4 pick up in purpose build transport tanks with a supply of pure oxygen which mean they arrive with you in good conditions. We will then unload and weigh them off so that you can witness the full process and take photos etc if required. All of our delivery equipment is then disinfected after each delivery to prevent the spread of diseases between fisheries.